{2012/01/22}   Tales of Xillia part 1

Yup, I continue to play Tales of Xillia again ^-^ I already on second part, arriving at Erenpios, Alvin’s world. I really enjoying the battle system. I alwayz like Tales series battle system. Ah, but I don’t really like Tales of Graces battle system. And I also don’t like the story -_-; Back to Xillia, I think the story is so-so. I like Vesperia better. Many people said Namco was in hurry when making Xillia so they could released it on the date of 15 years anniversary.

There’re some differents part in Xillia like:
1. We don’t need to cook anymore, so no receipe, we could just buy the food at store.
2. Store levels. (This kinda annoying for me). For unlock the new items we must raise the level using items we’ve got from field, dungeon, etc or paying with money. But there are many unlimited items on field, dungeon, town which we could found.
3. Link with partner at battle. We could link with any party member we like, dashing special arts together and also hissatsu arts
4. Many of sub-events come with voices. It’s really interesting to searching hidden sub-events
5. Don’t need to use uhm…I forget the item name, spechglass? (not sure) for open/see monster’s data.
6. Attachment items who could be attach to party members. Some are just silly attachment like mustache, spinning glasses, bold eyebrow, etc. But some are cute. Too bad there’s no costume we can get in the game, just one or two after you beat the game. The other costume must be payed from PS Store.
7. I’ll add more if I remember lol

I found Alvin looks funny in there with his mouth opens big lol

Jiji desu. A good attachment for old man. lol

My last status when I played yesterday night. If you’re wondering why Jude’s level is far away from the others, because I equip 1.5x bonus exp for him. I need him in a high level because I using him at my main character XD

P.S: I added many pics from events on my facebook page. Feel free to peek here.


{2012/01/20}   Weird Dream

I was dreaming about Daniel Radcliffe is living at Bandung, could speak Indonesian, and exchanging Blackberry’s pin number with him. What the? XD;; How could I dream about him? I even not of his fan and before sleep I didn’t thinking about him. Dreams alwayz weird and why Bandung? I think my trip to Bandung on New Year really special for me and I had a nice (and terrific) experienced at there. Especially in Trans Studio Bandung. Recently before sleep I often remembering about it and what I had there. I want to go to Bandung again someday but maybe won’t visit Trans Studio anymore.

{2012/01/14}   中華


でもまぁ。。。まだ何も準備をしてないよ、うちの家族が。 --;
来週まで金を何とかしなければ、本当にやばいよ。それに、新年の危機はそれだけじゃない。あたしの場合は。新年の日には、いつも、大家族が家に来る。特に父の妹たちとその家族。ばばたち、うっざいよ。会う度に、いつも嫌味や文句を言うばっかり。”仕事は?” ”いつ結婚する?” ”とうさんの店を何で手伝わないの?” とか。マジでうざい!-0-最初は今年を逃げたいと思ったけど、ばばたちのお年玉が欲しいですね、やっぱり。だって、あいつらはすごい大金を用意くれたの。まぁ。。。金持ちばっかりだからね。そして、あたしは提案があるんで、友達を家に誘ってるの。他人がいれば、あいつらは余計な事喋ってないかも知れない。でも、問題は、その友達が来られるどうかまだわかないです。友よ、あたしを助けてよ~ T_T

げ、何でどんどん暗い話になってんだよ?中華の話じゃなかったの?^^; まぁ。。。いっか。 とにかく、今年の新年を無事に終わりますようにね。今年こそ、家族の幸せをぜったいつかんでますように!

Switch GIrl

Okay, even I think the story (in manga) is good, the dorama version kinda weird. U know, a comical manga alwayz be weird when turned to be a dorama XD; The drama just 22minutes maybe just a low budget drama (sadly yes ;_;). I just watched episode 1 and the plot story mostly same like in the manga. I like the cast; Kiriyama Renn as Arata n Nishiuchi Mariya as Nika. I don’t know Nishiuchi Mariya, maybe she is a new model but I think she’s ok being Nika. Renn kun seems like not yet fully captured Arata’s image. But his handsome apperiance already fits well ^-^ I’ll keep watching this because I like the manga.

Skip Beat

Mmmm….first I downloaded this drama because there’s no new Japanese dorama yet and it’s “Skip Beat!”. A famous shoujo manga. First time seing Sho’s actor: ….Oh okay, he’s blonde and handsome. Fits Sho. Then seing Ren’s actor: …………..hn? I think I ever seen him before at korean drama? Why he is here? O_o; After watching for a few minutes, I found a weird things. Sho’s mouth seems not fit with his voice. Seems like he just lipsync and be dubbed. So I checked google and found that Sho and Ren’s actor is Korean. Both of them are member from SuJu (it’s the first time I know SuJu is shorten from Super Junior ^^;;) I don’t really know latest Kpop so I don’t know their face. But Ren’s actor is not fit him I think. –; And I don’t really like the story. Too many dramatical scenes and Kyoko cries often, not like in manga which full of comedy. I won’t watch it again just focus to manga XD;

I never thought that Kpop n Kdrama are really famous over Asia now. I mean, why they didn’t use Taiwan actors? I think there are still many Taiwan actors also handsome than them and there’s no problems with communications ^^; I waiting for winter Japanese dorama especially “Hungry”. It’s been a while seing “Mukai Osamu” be a main actor in romance comedy dorama ^-^

Trinity Crest is a turn based RPG for Android game. This game is not free. I purchased it for $4.1. There’s a year end sale from Dec 22 until Jan 10. I don’t know how much the normal price. You could see the information in here:

click here

I’ve been searching a simple RPG like this since latest RPG has many complicated system battle (like FFXIII) and less love story.  Reading from the review, this game got all that I wanted: a simple battle system, love story, and good art. The graphic fits well on my Galaxy Tab 10.1. I haven’t play long, just finished the first dungeon, but I hope it has a good ending and fair long story. I think this game kinda easy, although it’s like an old JRPG which have many random encounters, I’ve reached lv 11 just only play about 1 hour. But it’s okay with me, I don’t want a difficult game for RPG, I’m searching a good story, not a sensation XD;

It’s also has a sequel called Eternal Crest. I haven’t purchase the sequel because I want to finish the first game first and the sequel still in a normal price, kinda expensive for me ~~

P.S: I forget that I could screencap from my tab but I took a photo from my Blackberry ^^;;;

Just read many reviews and comparisons between Ipad 2 and Galaxy Tab 2 on webs and local forum. Seems like in my country, Ipad 2 is the winner. Many people said brand “Apple” is a high-class branded comparing with Samsung. Peoples in forum said that Ipad touch screen is better and looks more elegant. If you were a GTab user then moved to Ipad, you’ll find the different and feel Ipad is much better. I never use Ipad so I don’t know how it is. GTab touch screen is ok with me comparing with my Samsung Corby.

About the applications, they said Itunes has many great games and applications. But mostly all not free. The latest Ipad 2 which sell in store now cannot used Jailbreak. Because the latest firmware still couldn’t be jailbreaked. (almost same like PS3 lol) I don’t mind to buy a non-free app or games as long it is good but I think my finance will be broke because I couldn’t endure if see good/cute app or games ^^;;

Each of them have a weakness. Ipad 2 couldn’t load flash site and for bluetooth could be use with same Apple users. Gtab 2 often lag and crash if open many app (but I never (or not yet) experince this) and battery life is shorter than Ipad 2. I just get familiar with GTab 10.1 for about 2 weeks and found it’s already make me satisfied. So at the end, it’s depends into ourselves, necessity, and finance XD;

{2012/01/04}   FabStyle

This game similars with Wagamama Fashion but more complicated because we just not selling clothes but must increase some status, searching info about the boy we are targeting, etc. The other systems are more interesting than Wagamama, but the clothes type is plain. 3DS version is have a better graohic than DS version, and there are some differents like the clothes which we’re wearing is appear on movie event.

et cetera